Accessing the new site

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As mentioned previously, I am moving to a new host.

Here is how you can access the new site for now:

The old URLs should switch over in the next day or two, so be patient with them:


We are moving to a new host!

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Hey all. I am moving the site from the free site to a new host location. Should look and feel the same with some changes as I tweak it in ways didn’t allow.

If you see anything broken or not working how it should, please let us know!

This site will be locked down as a result, so please visit the new site to post and such.

Everyone who was entered as a member will most likely have to reenter themselves again as most of the members did not transfer. Sorry.

Thanks for your patience while I get this bad boy running on the new host!


It’s that time again… RIDE! RIDE! RIDE!

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I am so close to having my scooter back in action again, I can taste it.

So I hope everyone is starting to ride and enjoy the weather when they can. As a reminder, make sure to give your scoot a double-once over since it’s probably been sitting a bit. Check your oil, gas, tires, cables, brakes, etc.

It’s my hope to organize a few rides this year for those in this area. So keep your eyes peeled for that info as it comes.

Safe riding!

Membership Update

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Hey everyone,

I just finally got around to adding everyone to the blog who requested so via the form posted here previously.

I am trying to come up with a good way to manage the members list in a way that does not intrude on anyone if at all possible. Partly so I can see how many strong we are, and partly so I can be aware of who is interested in more interaction vs just lurking, etc.

I did accidentally send 1 request out to someone who had asked not to receive one. Oops, sorry. I did send an apology however.

Riding season is approaching, and I am hoping this weekend to have my own scoot back in action. Woot! And this year I am helping our local shop with their rally, Dust Bowl Weekend 2009. So I will be putting more into that for now and then focusing on the site later.

I had hoped to have the site moved to my host already and updated etc, but so far I am not making much progress.

Anyway, that’s all for now.

Keep the rubber side down,


Dust Bowl Weekend 2009 – June 5th-7th

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Dust Bowl Weekend 2009

Tulsa Scooters is at it again with their scooter rally, now called Dust Bowl Weekend. The same fun, friends and food, oh and yeah, scooters… will abound at this years event.

Dead Bunny SC is proud to also be part of the rally this year. We are contributing our graphical skillz to help make the rally kick butt in 2009!

See the Dust Bowl Weekend website for all the latest information.

Poll: How long have you been riding scooters?

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Membership Form

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Hey everyone. I am trying a new means to allow for signing up for the club. This form was created using Google Docs. Almost everything except the first name and email are optional, but I welcome any info beyond that.

>>>>Dead Bunny SC Sign Up Form<<<<

There is no fee for membership, we welcome all scooterists!

Thanks, and for those of you who sign up, welcome! :)

President and Stuff
Dead Bunny SC
Tulsa, OK